Poster REX in Kiev

«We think that traveling and working with others opens our minds a lot»

POSTER REX was founded in 2014 by the graphic designers Lars Harmsen (Munich) and Markus Lange (Leipzig) from Studio Farn. For each session, they invite an artist to create unique posters, produced in different silkscreen workshops around the globe. All posters are silkscreen printed by hand or with other digital or analog techniques. Each session has its own topic. POSTER REX also offers workshops for students. By now, the collection counts over 1.500 unique posters. A set of posters have been curated for exhibitions.

Lars Harmsen (Munich) and Markus Lange (Leipzig) from Studio Farn met the first time when they gave the Arial-workshop at the University of applied sciences Dortmund, where Harmsen is Professor for editorial design and typography. Half a year later they worked together on the SLANTED Cuba issue, published in 2013. Along, a series of posters have been printed, each of them being a unique piece, playing with accidents that occur due to random overprinting. The series was awarded by the TDC NY. In summer 2014, Lars and Markus returned to Havanna to see all the designers they met a year before. For three days they printed posters in a small printshop in the centre of Havanna, mixing Salsa with Bauhaus. The idea for POSTER REX was born.

This year the Poster REX came to Kiev with a two-days workshop. I had two marvellous days. There was an opportunity to work and speak with them.

Hi, Lars, Markus! 🙂

How often do you hold the workshop Poster REX over the world?

Maximum 4 per year.

In which countries it has been already held for two years?

Cuba, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Ukrainian, The Netherlands and of course Germany.

In which country did you hold workshops this year? How it was? How many posters did you make this year? Are you satisfied with the results?

This year we did the tour Athens, Istanbul, Moscow and Kiev you were part of. It was very intense and interesting. All countries are in a difficult situation, either politically, economically or both. We managed to print approx 150 posters during each workshop. All of them are unique.

Do you like working in collaboration with artists in the different countries? What does this give you?
We love to work with others. It opens our minds. We learn a lot and can share a lot of our experiences. We think that traveling and working with others opens our minds a lot. Even if politics try to set up boarders, religion leads to war as economics and nationalism often do – spending time with others while working is a great way to learn about others. For sure we are not a peace-project, but we truly feel PosterRex becoming something more that just a bunch of nice visuals. The topics we choose are a response to what is happening around us.

I’m very happy that I can work with you for two magic days in Kiev this year. It was really great and unforgettably for me. What impressions do you have from visiting Ukraine? Did you like working and relaxing in Kiev?

After visiting Moscow – too big and not enough of a „human scale“ – it felt great to be in Kiev. A very green city, with wonderful areas and nice people. We were pleased to see no more destroyed streets and buildings from the revolution days. But for sure the scarves of civil war, corruption and a very difficult economic situation are obvious. The good thing: a lot of young people are very powerful in making nice things happen, as the workshop we printed at, the secret bars we visited, the art-related activities in the Izone building etc.
We were very surprised to see so many young people coming to our exhibition and talk.

What is the future of the posters created during the workshops?

We will publish a book and send them around the world for exhibitions.

Does Poster REX have any plans for the next year?

First sleep, than awake and print again. And hopefully come again to Kiev very soon!


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